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update: my sister was discharged today she’s healing up from her c section and blood loss well. Baby Paige is doing better. My sister held her for the first time today, her temperature is normal, and they removed some tubes. She’s still receiving intensive medical care and we aren’t sure when she’ll be “all good” but we’re hopeful. 

update: so an ultrasound reveled that my sister’s baby had some bleeding in the brain and possibly a clot. She’s having seizures so I don’t care who you believe in or don’t believe in, if y’all could just take some time to send some good thoughts their way I would appreciate it.

my sister had her baby early friday morning but there were complications. on the way to the hospital my sister began bleeding and had to have an emergency c section. :/  I guess she lost a lot of blood but she seems to be recuperating well. They’ve got her baby in the nicu on a cooling pad an a morphine drip, there’s worry that she (the baby) could have nerve damage or brain damage. They’re waiting to see what happens but they’re optimistic. If you could take some time to just send some good thoughts, good vibes their way I would appreciate it. 

 I’ve been calling but I haven’t talked to my sister yet. Everything I’ve heard has been second hand through our dad or my brother in law. I’ve called and texted a few times since I last saw her in September but I haven’t heard anything from my sister. It’s not about me, I just want to know she’s okay. 

Backstory: My dad was married and had my Sister B and my Brother B he divorced their mom and shortly after (like a year) met my mother and married her. He introduced them by picking my siblings up for the weekend and when they got in the car “This is my new wife.” Things didn’t start out too well. My mother was also married and had my brother P and my sister M, my mother’s first husband couldn’t handle the fact that my sister is special needs and the two divorced. Then of course mom and dad met resulting in me. I’m technically the youngest of five but I’ve only ever lived full time with sister M, occasionally with  brother P and spent sporadic time with sister B, and brother B. Brother B died when I was seven and he was 23 so I didn’t get to know him much but I hear we’ve got some things in common but my son T has A LOT in common with my brother :) Anyhow, sister B and I have never been close. Dad was a different parent with me than when he was raising B and B :/ I guess sister B didn’t much like my mother or siblings and I don’t really know how she feels about me. We’re friendly, but I wouldn’t call us close - I wish we were. And that’s that. 

sometimes I forget I have this tumblr :x

updates: Tanner has begun mumbling more, attempting words. He’s said up, two, no, yeah, happy, …. and I cannot recall what else but he’s been moving along. Lily is four and still has zero potty interest. I feel like I’ll be potty training them both in order to get her to use the potty. my in laws decided to try and potty train her without my knowledge/consent. Que passive aggressive behavior from me and no more sleepovers at grammy and pappy’s -_- 


It’s February


It’s February

for the people saying they won’t watch Doctor Who anymore because Twelve isn’t young and hot…



don’t let the TARDIS door hit your ass on the way out.  we don’t want you anyway.


I hope you have as much fun as I did

panic panic panic. Feeling very overwhelmed already. 


Just because someone desires you, does not mean that they value you.

Read it over.
Let those words resonate in your mind.


- Unknown (via babyguwl)